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Ashley Snow
Customer service superstar
Ashley is a lover of all things food, feline and friend related, who can usually be found with a coffee in one hand and a yoga mat in the other. Always keen to try the latest products, her open nature makes for an engaging range of product reviews.
If you're one of the lucky ones, then you'll LOVE this vibe!
By 2 years ago
If I could rate this product more than 5/5 I would! Power queens will looooove this one!
By 2 years ago
Nothing like a bit of double penetration to step things up a notch!
By 2 years ago
If you are lucky enough to match the shape of this toy perfectly, then go for gold! However, if you are like the majority of the population with vaginas..
By 2 years ago
Perhaps, it was more of a one-night stand situation. You were great, Pro40, but thanks for coming!
By 3 years ago
Whether you're single or have a partner that isn't into rimming - this is the perfect alternative is your looking for that rimming kind of feeling!
By 3 years ago
Look no further if you are after a versatile vibe! Strong vibrations, no need for batteries, and endless possibilities for attachments, this wand will certainly wave its magic over you!
By 3 years ago
Beautifully made, and great for temperature play, the Icicles No. 76 is a great size for those new to anal play, and wanting a product that not only looks great, but is easy to clean, and versatile in use.
By 3 years ago
If you’re into some discreet public play then this is the product for you! High quality silicone, rumbly vibrations, and an easy to use remote - what more could you want?
By 3 years ago
An awesome way to spend an evening with your significant other to make lasting memories you can put on the wall! Just be prepared to be asked where you got your exquisite piece of art from!
By 3 years ago
Such a cool concept! Just wish the name wasn't as literal!
By 3 years ago
A product with intimacy and quality in mind, the We-Vibe sync is designed to be worn during intercourse, but also has the option to be remotely operated. Perfect for those in long distance relationships, or wanting to spice things up in their everyday life
By 3 years ago
A rechargeable bullet vibe that packs a punch! The Tango is an awesome option for a bullet vibe that doesn't chew through batteries. Perfect for those who love those rumbly vibrations!
By 3 years ago
Such a great concept for those who like the idea of a ride on vibe, or who have limited dexterity, but the vibes sit on the buzzier end of things, which is not my jam
By 3 years ago
Strapless strap ons are an awesome option for those who are wanting a strap on option which also provides internal stimulation for the wearer.
By 3 years ago
Perfect if you're looking to delve into the world of restraints! These mattress restraints can be tucked away under your mattress, so no bedposts required, and add a little spice to the bedroom
By 3 years ago
Emma Hewitt
Marketing Executive
Emma is a bogan, dressing almost exclusively in Docs and animal print. All that black on black goodness is followed quickly with a chaser of glitter, glam and a gin & tonic. She is the queen of product reviews and educational pieces.
Reflective of it's price. Effective vibrations, but it could be annoying at times.
Comfortable yet strong. Will fit most and is great for beginners or more advanced users.
This is our best selling lubricant for a reason! Easy to use, gentle, silky, long lasting and makes cleans up easy!
Initially thought I'd dislike these. But after giving them a chance I really enjoyed it and so did the BF! Doesn't have to be as painful as you think.
Perfectly shaped to hit the g-spot. Would've preferred the smaller end to provide more vibration, but still a satisfying experience!
The batteries are suppose to last 80 minutes, but they kept on keeping on for me :D
Start off smaller and work your way up. Remember it's all about stimulating the nerve endings at the entrance.
Soft, quiet, long lasting and pretty! My only criticisms are that the silicone does absorb some of the vibration if you're looking for something really intense and it's not ideal for use with a partner.
Looks great, but beneath the sparkly world that I love lays a couple issues I just can't shrug off.
I've never been so excited about a foam dispenser!
We need H2O to survive! The no nonsense qualities of this water based lube make it a permanent product to accompany my toy collection!
Didn't fit properly, but still made the most of it! The opening is quite small, consider this before purchasing this pump specifically.
Yo, yo, yo! This lip gloss is the goods.
After a promising start this product ended up being too uncomfortable to use. Also, when buying a cockcage be sure to ask about your man about what colours he prefers, phallic fashion is a thing people!
Sometimes a bullet vibes small size can reflect the power of it's featured vibrations. This definitely isn't the case with the Ro-Lux! It's power doesn't come at the loss of any beauty either!
I found this worked best when I was restrained. The delicate feathers went from an innocent tickle to a sexual tease in a matter of seconds!
The name really should have given this product away… it’s a basic Basix Butt Plug and that pretty much sums it up.
Content Producer
Sports loving and all about promoting sexual health. Orin is driven to break misconceptions to do with sex toys and sex in general.
Wow this is amazing. 4 Stars.
By 3 years ago
Beginner friendly and really comfortable. Wearing each ring gives differing levels of firmness and resulting performance.
By 3 years ago
Enjoyed this more than I thought I would, felt really close to not wearing a condom at all.
By 3 years ago
5/5 stars. Water based lube is always a winner!
By 3 years ago
Powerful and reasonably quiet. We ran into some issues, but may be perfect for others.
By 3 years ago
Feels amazing for the price! Has a few issues, but in the heat of the act they're not deal breakers.
By 3 years ago
Really satisfying fleshlight. So practical to use and whats more, cleaning up is a breeze!
By 3 years ago
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