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Share Satisfaction Kama - Purple -

ByShare Satisfaction. SKU: 241472
Share Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction KamaShare Satisfaction Kama
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rating 5.0
4.8 / 5 Based on 115 reviews
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Girth: 4.00 Inch
Batteries: USB x 1

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Kama is the toy of the year. Every few years a toy comes along that changes the game. Kama is that toy. It’s the toy everybody wants and everybody is talking about.

This waterproof, USB chargeable toy is all you need for clitoral stimulation and powerful internal vibration. There’s nothing like it and once you have good Kama you’ll never go back. You can have Kama in regal purple or opulent teal.

Want to Know More?

Watch the video below where our sex educator Emma Hewitt will tell you everything you need to know about Kama by Share Satisfaction.

Key Features of Kama:

  • Dual stimulation and powerful internal vibration
  • 10 forms of vibrations
  • 10 modes of clitoral stimulation
  • Textured G-spot tip - increases sensation and passion during play

How to use Kama by Share Satisfaction

This elegant and sensual toy provides incredible internal and external stimulation that combines for a powerful, world-changing dual orgasm. This hands-free, very quiet vibe sits perfectly inside you while providing pinpoint suction and pulsing on your clitoris.

Being a diverse sex toy, it can be used as a clitoral stimulator with different levels of pulsating, sucking stimulation by positioning it directly over your clitoris, or you can use the internal g-tipped vibrator individually by inserting it inside your vagina with a generous helping of lubricant. For the best results, use both the vibrator and clitoral stimulation simultaneously to enjoy heavenly, hands-free blended orgasms!

How to care for this product

Once finished with Kama, make sure to wash it down with warm soapy water or any toy cleaner on the market. Store in a Share Satisfaction Luxury Satin Bag to get the longest life span out of Kama.

Product Specifications:

  • Eco-friendly and USB Rechargeable
  • Material: liquid silicone
  • Waterproof at an IPX7 level - use in the tub or shower and add a whole new dimension of pleasure to your play

About the manufacturer

Kama is manufactured by Share Satisfaction, New Zealand's leading sex toy brand who provide nothing but excellence to their customers. Share Satisfaction products are carefully curated to bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction all whilst using body-safe materials and being USB rechargeable.

Customer Reviews

The best..the end!!!.
Stacey - 13 Dec, 2020
Verified purchaser
From when I ordered to when it arrived was less than 24hrs...holy must have wings!!!! Fantastic service by ATMS. Having never used this type of vibrator before..I approached it with caution and a little bit apprehensively. What if it didnt bring la petite mort like I wanted? OMG my fears were unfounded!!! This little sucker (pun intended😋) made the earth move!!! Made the bed shake!!! Made the neighbours dogs howl!!! ( ok slight exaggeration) But You get my drift...this damn fine vibe is all that plus the whole enchilada and the best news....I didn't even get it off level 1!!!! Yes you read that right...level 1 only..and there are 10 levels on this baby!!!! All my christmases have come...literally 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dani - 31 Jan, 2021
Verified purchaser
Orgasmed so hard I lost my hearing in my right ear for 5 minutes lol. Used google to make sure I wasn't dying, turns out I wasn't, I had just the time of my life. Buy it. you'll even up in heaven surrounded by singing angels - you may not be able to hear those angels though haha.
Beware! It’s intense 3.
L Quiche - 10 Nov, 2020
Verified purchaser
This thang packs a punch, if you are expecting orgasms, you gottem! The gspot bit even on the first level of vibration isn’t for the faint hearted, if you chuck it on the modes that have intervals during the vibrations combined with the suction bit, look out coz it blimin creeps up on you fast. I’m scared to try other levels, I got to level 3 on the suction and crikey! 100% not disappointed
Um, exsqueeze me?.
Fafaa - 16 Feb, 2021
Verified purchaser
I have never cum so quick in my entire life. Normally I get frustrated with fore play and sex and even normal vibrators take me a while to get over the line. This thing had me done in less than a minute and I’m honestly laying here in bed still stunned that it happened that damn quick. Buy it. Buy your girlfriends one each, chuck it on afterpay, get a credit card, get a mortgage, whatever it takes, every vagina owner should have one.
Mind blowing orgasm...
Mikayla - 13 Dec, 2020
Verified purchaser
I ordered this toy after reading the reviews, heard it was better than the satisfier pro (can confirm!!!!) fits perfectly on the gspot and clit, one night with this bad boy and you’ll be away with the fairies 😉

Quality - amazing
Price - pretty good
Shipping - overnight
Orgasm - mind blown 🤯
great buy.
brogs - 14 Jan, 2021
Verified purchaser
this product gave me my first orgasm! love it
Recommend, great all rounder..
Melissa D - 16 Jan, 2021
Verified purchaser
Covers both vibration and suction bases as well as being possible to use internally only, externally only or both at the same time. Good toy to have, especially if unsure of what to get as it will not disappoint and you can try a little bit of everything to hone in on what is your ideal combination of shape/power/features etc. Since I got mine 4 of my friends have also purchased Kama and all loved it so works for a whole range of different body types. Tbh Im mostly disappointed that its only a 1 year warranty as this toy is going to have a rough life!
I like it!.
Serena - 1 Feb, 2021
Verified purchaser
I'm still learning to work with this as it's such a different shaped toy than I'm used to but I love it! The vibration part is amazing, still figuring out the suction part. The silicon feels great though!
Jani - 4 Jan, 2021
Verified purchaser
Fun to find the right combination of settings, then pow!
Frigging Amazing !!!!.
kay - 24 Jan, 2021
Verified purchaser
Was sceptical of product at first, and other peoples reviews. Thought will give it a go, and wow. What a toy, highly recommend.

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